About Us

Kerala university college of teacher education, Kulakkada is situated is the kollam district by the side of .Thiruvananthapuram. Angamali Road (Man enteral road) just twelve kilometers away from the Kottarakkara town the college is well connected by railways and roads the college is under the direct control University in Kerala and approved YNCTE at present we have 50 students five Optional subject as permitted by NCTE Vice Order No. F.KI/Se/UNI/N/13?SRO NCTE 2004/2005/7520 dated, 27.9.2004 (APSO/2953)


Level of the course B.Ed Graduate level
Optional Subjects offered Physical Science, Natural Science, Social Science, Hindi, Commerce
Education Course B. Ed Degree
Duration of the course 2 years
Proposed intake 60
Academic session Winter session( In four semesters)
Details of the affiliating Body University of Kerala


For many decades Teacher education courses were limited to a few Govt./aided colleges. Thus the number of seats was limited and many graduates were deprived of opportunity. University of Kerala took an initiative to give opportunity based on academic merit and keeping reservation norms suggested by government established Kerala University Centers of teacher education in 1990.

During the first spell 4 centers were started at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Adoor and Alappuzha. KUCTE Kulakkada is established in 1994 and students were admitted for Five disciplines viz., Hindi, Physical science, social science, Natural Science and commerce. The development is a joint venture by University of Kerala and Govt. of Kerala. The Institutions like Govt High School, Govt higher secondary School and UP school provide an environment of School Complex and ensures the smooth conduct of Pedagogic practices...

Since its inception, the College has achieved considerable heights in academic excellence and extra-curricular perfection. Students from all parts of Kerala are studying in this College, creating an atmosphere of a miniature Kerala. The faculties with talents in their individual areas of expertise are committed to furthering the education of our outstanding students. There are supportive staff, state-of the-art facilities and strong relations maintained with local schools and community agencies. The main goal is to carve out good teachers and to equip them with the right combination of knowledge, skills and understanding to be an excellent teacher in any school setting.

Contributions in the field of education

  • Each year at least 100 well groomed teachers come out of the B.Ed course from the college, which significantly contributed/s to the availability of well–trained teachers in the Education sector
  • The significant contribution of the college have been in providing teacher education to poor and students of rural areas in and around Kollam district
  • The college conducts- Awareness programmes on cleanliness, acts against domestic violence, child marriage, education of girl children, importance of breast feeding, HIV/AIDS, child abuse and general safety
    • Career oriented empowerment programme like Workshops in various vocational skills especially for rural children
    • Training programmes on Life Skills
    • Street plays based on social issues
    • Awareness Rallies and road shows on different social issues
    • Medical camps in the campus to facilitate local people
    • Blood donation camps
    • Remedial classes for children with special needs, slow learners etc
    • Yoga, health awareness classes etc
    • Opinion polls and surveys on social issues within and outside the campus
    • Visits to hospitals, orphanages, old age homes etc.
  • Workshops were conducted for the prospective teachers to familiarize with research methodologies, use of digital technologies in education, parenting etc
  • Recreational programmes were carried out
  • Lectures by eminent persons in different aspects of education were conducted
  • High speed internet facilities, well equipped library and laboratory facilities in science, arts and physical education which are made use of by the students
  • The students are encouraged to participate in inter-college competitions
Significant Achievements

  • About 3500 students have successfully completed their B.Ed. programme since 1994; most of them have been placed as teachers, assistant professors, administrators etc. in the various Govt. & non-govt. institutions in Kerala and outside. The students coming out of this college are mostly from rural and backward areas
  • Students of KUCTE, Kulakkada have participated in several intercollege arts, science and sports competitions and bagged prizes
    The infrastructure in the college has been strengthened with the support of MLA, MP funds and the funds received from University of Kerala
  • The students and faculties of KUCTE Kulakkada have actively engaged in several community programmes with the support of the local people
  • All the important days of the year… Science Day, Environment Day, Ozone Day, , Gandhi Jayanthi, Human Right’s day, Teacher’s day, Energy conservation day, Women’s day, Independence day, Republic day etc. are being celebrated with several activities in the campus.
  • The academic achievements of the students of KUCTE Kulakkada are noteworthy in that the number of students achieving distinction in the University Exams is high; and they got placed in good institutions