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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy What sets us apart from other schools is that we are truly a home away from home. The 'teachers here are not instructors but second mothers' as one student put it.

Our Mission

The College strives to create a learning culture that exemplifies excellence in teaching promotes lifelong- learning and prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow

Our vision

In KUCTE, KULAKKADA, we look at Education different. For as Education does not lie in the quantification of knowledge But it lies in the quality of knowledge that helps to form the character of students

“The ‘teachers here are not instructors but second mothers’ as one student put it. Our students confidently walk in and meet the principal to discuss their views, ideas or just share their feelings. Parents are welcome any time to meet the principal or teacher and inquire about their child’s progress.”

More About the Faculty

• Author of a book (Teaching of Natural Science ISBN 978819097-9).

Published many research papers in national & international Journals.
• Presented many papers in State, National and International Seminars/conferences.
• Written articles in journals, magazines and newspapers.
• Posted topics in the blog renukasonnynaturalscience.blogspot.in
• Life member in CTE (Council for Teacher Education), AIRIO (Association of International Researchers of Indian Origin), Dr. Radhakrishnan Teacher’s Welfare Association, All India Association For Educational Research (AIAER) and Treasurer in NSTA (Natural Science Teachers Association)  

• Program coordinator of the state seminar jointly along with KSCSTE and Dept. of science and Technology, Govt. of India in connection with science day.
• Editor of seminar proceedings of KSCSTE sponsored & DST, Govt. of India supported state seminar on Genetically Modified crops and Food Security- Issues and Prospects.
• General convenor of science day, ozone day, world Environment day supported by KSCSTE

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